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Management Orientation Program
  • The first modules of the online Management Orientation Program (that we initially tried to develop using Blackboard) are now available on Knowledge Link.
  • The five modules include:
    • Part 1 - A Manager’s Responsibilities (management expectations)
    • Part 2 - Introduction to Performance Management
    • Part 3 - Setting Clear Expectations
    • Part 4 - Giving Feedback (feedback video and developing a written warning letter exercise)
    • Part 5 – Online Management Orientation Review Quiz
  • Suggested Strategies for Using Program
    • Have newly hired supervisors or those newly promoted to supervisory positions complete the online program within a specified time frame (e.g., during the first two to four months of their appointment). This expectation can be included in the offer letter, Introductory Period Plan or annual performance appraisal.
    • In addition, newly hired and promoted supervisors can be required to take the Essentials of Management course within a specified time frame (e.g., within one or two years of appointment)
    • Refer current supervisors who may need a refresher on performance management to take the online program
  • Instructions for Accessing the Online Management Orientation Program
    • Go to
    • Enter your PennKey and password to access the application
    • Once you enter the application click on the Optional header on the left hand side of the page
    • Once the list of optional courses appears, scroll down to Division of Human Resources Online Management Orientation (Each module is listed separately and the modules currently appear after the Development and Alumni Relations listings.)
    • Enroll for each module individually by clicking on the green "Enroll" button to the right of the course title